Government urged to recognise care staff as skilled workers

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The government has been called upon to revise is draft Immigration Bill and recognise care workers as skilled workers in recognition of the “pivotal role” they have played in the COVID-19 response.

ADASS President, Julie Ogley, has written to First Secretary of State, Dominic Raab, calling for the Bill, which defines skilled workers as those earning £25,600, to reflect the true value and status of colleagues working in social care.

Julie said: “The response to the Covid-19 outbreak has underlined the pivotal role that colleagues in social care play in our communities.  Their skills, dedication and devotion underpin the care, protection and certainty they are providing for so many of us during these difficult times. Covid-19 has given us all a clear sense of who the essential workers are and what types of skills we all value.

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“That is why we are calling on the government to revise the draft Immigration Bill so that the notion of what constitutes a ‘skilled worker’ is based on what they do, the skills they bring and the difference they make, not the salaries they are paid.  It is important that we collectively recognise and value the skills and dedication of our brilliant social care workforce.”

A Home Office spokesperson told CHP: “The government recognises the huge importance of the health and social care sector, who are providing vital services following the coronavirus outbreak.

“We have already extended the visas of NHS doctors, nurses and paramedics whose visas expire in the next six months and we will continue to work to see if we can assist other frontline workers during this crisis.”

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