Government ‘jumping the gun’ on COVID vaccine, says care home group

Sam Hoskins

Luxurycare Group has raised concerns about the rush to issue a COVID vaccine to people in care homes.

The group, which operates five care homes in Dorset, voiced its concerns as preparations begin to deliver vaccines to patients in December, with priority set to be given to elderly care home residents and staff.

Luxurycare operations director, Sam Hoskins, (pictured) said: “As much as we’d like to see a vaccine rolled out across the UK, it just seems too soon to start offering it to the public. We need to see more information about its effectiveness and potential side effects – especially as one of the first groups being offered the vaccination is the elderly and vulnerable.

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“The vulnerable and health workers should be the first to receive the vaccine – but only when we can guarantee it is safe to do so. Currently, we need more information and facts before offering the vaccine.”

Luxurycare believes priority should be given to providing rapid testing for the care sector and families in order to enable visits, rather than rushing towards a vaccine.

Mandy Kittlety, Managing Director of Luxurycare, added: “Whilst we’re waiting eagerly for more information on the vaccine, we’re very excited at the possibility of rapid testing. This would enable families to be tested on-site on the day of a visit and ensure that we can facilitate more COVID-secure visits.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Luxurycare has put in place robust infection control, including PPE for all staff and social distancing measures, and has asked families to name just one designated visitor for each resident. Regular testing for care home staff and residents was introduced in July.

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  1. Vaccine is absolutely the way to go, then residents will no longer be held prisoner in care homes, and finally be able to visit their loved ones and access their community once again, enjoying all the things they have been denied for most of this year. Shopping, lunching outings etc.

  2. The vaccine will be absolutely safe! It has been thoroughly tested. The bureaucracy has just been cut out! Usually getting licenses and patents are held up by red tape. Don’t spread misinformation which will cost lives😱

  3. My mother will NOT be receiving this vaccine until the government can prove without doubt it is safe and also remove the legal steps that were taken to remove any legal accountability for potential adverse side effects (which on its own is very troubling indeed). The handling of this virus has been absolutely shambolic throughout and hastening to take a rushed vaccine could rob us of the people we long to protect.

  4. I agree with them, I know many people who are not sure about this vaccine, and are happy that they will not be the first to take it. The directors and managers of care homes are in so many ways the voices of people in care homes and it is a little scary that they will be the first to receive these vaccines.

  5. Oh please. Care home workers love having power over their care home resident’s. Is this maybe why you’re actually using the government of “jumping the gun”? Does it rattle your cage that care home resident’s actually have lives outside of the care homes that they live in? Lies that you wish were truth. We aren’t convinced. If you think this, then why aren’t you on Question Time asking about it? Or talking to a news reporter about it? I think I already know why. Must be heaven for you hiding behind your keyboard spreading lies. We need hope. Not negativity.

  6. The government has applied to take the vaccine on emergency temporary measures,maybe because they have made a complete hash of every thing they have done to controll it so far,they are trying to score a few points at the publics expense.We were told fighting it was a team effort ,it may well be passed by the rest of our team in the next few weeks,it’s not even rolled out where it was made,The u/k government should hang there heads in shame.We ordered the vaccine we have it here perhaps a good move if it gets passed,saving time.,but it should be left in storage until passed in proper manner.

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