GIPskins PPE offers protective antimicrobial arm sleeves for health care workers

Charise Mullings

Protective arm wear developed by GIPskins offers a win-win solution to carers, residents and care home providers.

While preventing carer injuries and avoiding the spread of skin infections, the protective sleeves also benefit care home providers by minimising the risk of liability claims.

The antimicrobial, wipe clean, bleach friendly, blood and stain resistant, water proof, latex free and reusable product has been developed for healthcare professionals following research by Skills for Care, NHS, HSE and Unison.

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GIPskins inventor and director Charise Mullings said: “We at GIPskins have noticed a sharp rise in carer compensation claims over the last year. It is in the best interests of the employer to minimise their liability.”

In a recent settlement, Jonathan Herbert, specialist injury lawyer at Thomson Snell & Passmore, secured £50,000 for a claimant who suffered soft tissue injuries to her wrist as well as psychiatric damage after being attacked by a care home resident.

Charise said: “GIPskins offers scratch and tear resistance to protect carers from this sort of injury. It’s a 360 degree solution, which as well as protecting carers and their employers, also helps residents avoid picking up skin infections from carers such as psoriasis.”

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