‘Garbage guzzler’ helps care homes save money

Garbage guzzler

Kitchen infrastructure provider PKL has taken over distribution of the Garbage Guzzler waste digester which allows care homes to reduce costs and waste disposal needs.

The Garbage Guzzler uses bacteria to reduce organic waste, including food, cardboard and paper packaging, coffee cups, fats and oils, by 95%.

The process can take as little as 24 hours, and leaves an output that can be used as soil improver, as biomass fuel or can be put back through the machine to be reduced to virtually nothing.

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PKL managing director Lee Vines said: “We have seen across the UK that waste disposal is becoming a bigger cost to the healthcare sector.

“Green concerns are also becoming more of a driver behind the decisions care homes make. However you choose to use it, the machine will help to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions, as less waste will lead to fewer waste collections, and vehicle movements associated with this.”

Customers will be able to buy the Garbage Guzzler direct from PKL, while it will also be available under a contract rental agreement.

PKL will be launching Garbage Guzzlers as a separate division of the company, and have employed a dedicated sales executive, Nicola Whitson, to oversee the distribution of the product.

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