Fourteen people a day wiped out financially by care costs, says Age UK

Caroline Abrahams II

Fourteen people are exhausting their assets every day for pay for their care costs, according to Age UK analysis.

The analysis of an NHS Digital report was published on the anniversary of the day that Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised he would fix social care and said no-one would have to sell their home to fund their care.

The figures for England in 2018/19, the last year for which data is available, show 5,190 people were classified as ‘self-funders with depleted funds’, meaning they had run down their savings and assets because of having to pay for their care. The numbers represented a 37% rise on the previous year.

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The 167,000 older people and their families in England who have to fund their own care because they do not meet the means-tested threshold for free or subsidised support have spent £7bn on their care since the PM took office, Age UK said.

The figures came as Age UK ‘virtually handed in’ a more than 100,000 strong petition calling for the PM to honour his promise to fix social care.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director for Age UK (pictured) said: “When he became Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to fix social care and make sure no one would have to sell their home to pay for it. Now, after all the loss and suffering caused by the pandemic it is more important than ever that he follows through.”

Age UK is calling for a new deal for social care with everyone paying into a national find to support the sector as they do with the NHS.

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