Former Attorney General backs campaign for CCTV in every care home


Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve has backed a campaign to install CCTV in every care home.

The Tory MP said equipping all communal areas with cameras would help end abuse.

“There have clearly been horrific instances of abuse against residents in care home and the risk of this happening is well known,” the Beaconsfield MP said.

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“Therefore we have to take steps to try and prevent it, that’s the big justification.

“Requiring the public parts of care homes to be monitored by CCTV would contribute to reducing the possibility of abuse and make detection easier where it has occurred.”

The Care Campaign for the Vulnerable was launched by Jayne Connery more than five years ago.

Jayne launched the campaign after taking her mother, who lives with dementia, into her own care after she was failed by the system.

“This simple step will help safeguard those who are no longer able to safeguard themselves,” Jayne said.

“Numerous cases of horrendous abuse could have been prevented if only cameras had been fitted to cover public areas. What I hear from families every day is a national tragedy. Care homes are failing and these people need protecting.

“With public trust and confidence so low surely it is time technology was implemented that permitted greater transparency, delivered more certainty and significantly improved trust.

“We want the Government to listen to our concerns and act.”

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  1. CCTV covert or otherwise will not deter poor practice and abuse. Using CCTV is an infringement of human rights, privacy and dignity and the right for a private life. It is also breaks the trust inherent within the staff team. However IF a home is found to be providing unsafe care and treatment they would probably welcome that level of scrutiny. No proprietor or manager wants abuse in their home.
    Do not campaign for legislation to enforce the use of CCTV in all facilities as most homes are caring and provide a good service to people.

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