Flu and COVID ‘double whammy’ guidance issued to providers

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Guidance on how to prepare for a flu and COVID ‘double whammy’ this winter has been issued by Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) and the National Care Forum (NCF).

The 50-page ‘Winter Ready’ document, which has been created to help care providers avoid service users’ hospitalisation, covers four areas: Infection Prevention & Control; Planning & Supporting Safe Hospital Discharge; Information & Technology; and Workforce Wellbeing.

Damaris Daniels, Content Director at QCS, said: “At QCS we apply a simple litmus test to each document we write. Firstly, it must put easily-digestible compliance tools in the hands of those who need them most. Secondly, any guidance we produce must list the policies and procedures in one place, so care providers can access them as and when they need to. We believe that this expansive but highly accessible document passes the QCS test, and we hope that it provides care providers, charities – and everyone else connected to the sector – with the compliance platform they need to flourish this winter and beyond.”

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Vic Rayner, Chief Executive of the National Care Forum, (pictured) added: “Following the recent publication of the infection prevention and control document, this is the second major project we have collaborated on with QCS. We’re very proud to have done so, as in the midst of all the challenges impacting on care providers, this step-by-step guide for all settings will be invaluable. In addition, not only does it equip care sector professionals with the ammunition to fight flu and COVID, but it’s also is a holistic guide, providing guidance around the mental and emotional wellbeing of service users and the workforce.”

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