Fast-growing Avery Care Homes outsources payroll management


Avery Healthcare has outsourced its payroll management to Bond Payroll Services in an effort to streamline the process as the business grows.

Avery now operates 50 care homes and employs around 4000 people working full time and part time across myriad roles. Some are paid weekly, others monthly.

The company operates each of its homes as a separate limited company, which creates the additional complexity of 50 individual payrolls.

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Avery’s management felt its existing firm of local accountants could not offer the scalability or flexibility required to keep pace with the group’s rapid growth.

The company opted to outsource to Bond Payroll Services because it offered a far slicker payroll model and delivered in depth reporting, the company says.

Jugdeep Singh, group commercial accountant, Avery Healthcare explains: “With this number of care homes accurate reporting is essential to enable efficient operations. The existing service was provided by a local firm and could not provide the scalability or flexibility required to manage the additional staff with each care home added. Bond’s approach significantly reduces the amount of time required by our payroll managers, and is able to scale with our business growth.”

Avery has also deployed a Time & Attendance (T&A) solution at each care home to capture the hours worked by staff.

The system provides an export at month end which is sent to Bond Payroll Services to create the payroll. In addition to undertaking all the PAYE and deduction calculations, Bond also provides Avery with a nominal journal which can be imported into the company’s finance system.

“The nominal journal provides us with accurate payroll information, which is an essential factor in managing costs each month. The speed of turnaround is also excellent, with payrolls provided typically within a day of Bond receiving the T&A information – even quicker if there is a specific issue to address,” says Singh.

“With an outsourced provider, I don’t have to worry whether we have 50 homes, 100 or 10. In April 2013 we sold some homes and dropped down to 15; now we are back up to 50. All we have to do is to tell Bond that 15 payrolls are moving elsewhere or that there will be 30 new payrolls next month and the implementation team gets ready. It just works,” Singh concludes.

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