Family member claims being denied window visits at Grantham care home

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A granddaughter of a care home resident on end-of-life care has claimed she is being denied window visits.

Sophie McGuffie told the Grantham Journal she had been asked to leave on several occasions when attempting to see her grandmother through her bedroom window at Barchester’s Maple Leaf Lodge.

Ms McGuffie said that while pod visiting had been put in place at the home since December she had only been able to see her 84-year-old grandmother once every seven to 10 days for 30 minutes.

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“Some days she is unable to get out of bed and into her motorised wheelchair, meaning that she is unable to participate in pod visits,” she explained.

After complaining about being unable to see her grandmother more regularly, Ms McGuffie, who said her grandmother was becoming “increasingly poorly”, said she had been told by staff that she would be able her goodbyes when it was time.

A Barchester spokesperson said window visits were permitted at the home but visitors were required to schedule these in advance.

“All visiting guidelines have been communicated to families and we are following the guidelines on regular bedroom visitor for designated visitors,” the spokesperson said.

“Throughout the pandemic we have also continued to allow exceptional bedroom visits for end of life residents. This is being continued daily wherever a resident is medically deemed to be nearing end of life.

“We understand that this is a challenging time for loved ones but we are mindful of the devastating effect COVID-19 has had on our vulnerable residents and patients and as such we ask that they follow the protocols, including wearing PPE and follow guidance put in place to protect all residents.”

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  1. I have just received through my letterbox,a pamphlet,the second time since Christmas, inviting me to book an appointment with the manager at the local care home if I wish to.I understand that this is a policy directive from Barchester Head Office,but seems unnecessary to me.and also distressing forthose of us who have been bereaved.Surely you know how to contact them if you wish to do so.

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