Exclusive webinar to reveal the secrets to rebuilding trust in UK care homes

John Coldicutt

As a report by a House of Commons committee warns the UK’s social care sector teeters on the “verge of collapse” and with care homes reporting growing challenges in attracting and retaining the right staff, uncertainty is rife within Britain’s care home sector.

“The challenges within social care in the UK are not new or unknown,” says John Coldicutt, CMO (pictured left with Geraint Thomas of the Disabilities Trust) at Planday.

“But in order to get ahead of the competition and retain good staff for longer, care homes must adapt `and build greater trust to become employers of choice that retain good staff.

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“Planday strongly believes the care home sector can be rebuild trust between carers and patients — and among carers themselves — which starts with better time management and better communication.

“We want the care sector to be an industry people are proud to work in again, and we want to help give care homes and their staff the tools to improve communication and better manage their time.

“That’s why we are excited to share insights from our partnership with The Disabilities Trust, to show how empowering your people can help create better carers and more trust in the sector — and maybe even start to attract new people to the role.

“Planday is all about empowering people to have their work and life balanced. We want to help even more UK care homes embrace tech to do this in their own businesses.”

Planday’s exclusive webinar will share expert insights to help care homes get ahead of the competition and retain good staff for longer, using digital tools to maximise their people power.

Geraint Thomas, Technology Transformation Partner at The Disabilities Trust, says technology is a simple way for care homes to become an employer of choice.

“One of our biggest challenge right now is making sure our staff are empowered with the flexibility they need to stay working with us for longer,” Geraint says.

“We have more than 1,300 workers across the UK — and in a competitive job market we want to help our employees balance work and life seamlessly and get back to what they do best — supporting our service users.

“The Trust is keen to innovate, and in order to try and solve this problem, technology has been a great tool. Staff can flexibly manage their schedules from anywhere and never have to fill in another paper timesheet. Our managers also benefit from having transparency on what’s going on, and can be confident that staffing levels are appropriate and safe for the people we support.”

Planday and The Disabilities Trust will team up to share tips on making your care home an employer of choice in an exclusive webinar on 13 November 2019.


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