A Yorkare Homes hydration project has achieved spectacular results with a two-thirds drop in falls and significant improvements in residents’ fluid intake and mood.

Following a review which concluded that residents’ daily fluid targets were not person centred enough, Yorkare Homes, which is run by John and Evonne Garton and family, launched a series of trials at its three homes in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

The trials, which included coffee mornings, Mocktail Mondays and increasing fluid intakes in the first three hours of the day, have achieved startling results.

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Falls were down by 67%, and 85% of the residents increased their liquids over the course of the trial, demonstrating the correlation between good hydration and improved mobility.

Operations director Jonathan Garton said: “I am really happy with the trial results and will be making the coffee mornings and early morning encouragement a permanent part of our residents care within the Yorkare Group.

“To see falls across our dementia units drop 67% is fantastic and will have definitely reduced hospital admissions. It was also lovely to see the increased social interaction between the residents and staff. I would like to thank all of our staff who really took this initiative on board and helped produce these brilliant results.”

Residents were encouraged to take in more fluids through social drinking activities, including regular coffee mornings and Mocktail Mondays.

The coffee mornings proved a particular success in dementia units, with staff reporting improved fluid intake and more social interaction.

Residents became more alert and there was a noticeable improvement in their general mood.

Angie Ward, Dementia Care Lead at Magdalen Park in Hedon, said: “I have definitely noticed that the residents in our care seem happier and are more alert and awake at times when they wouldn’t normally be.

“This has had an impact in their mobility and I have seen a decline in falls on the unit, which in turn has raised their confidence levels when mobilising around the home.

“Another positive from the social drinking is that the residents I have spoken to have become a lot more interactive with others and have enjoyed the staff’s company.  I believe there has been an overall improvement in their health and wellbeing.”

Yorkare also modified its system for setting fluid intake targets with initial calculations by weight incorporating levels of activity, health and personal preference.

Jonathan said residents and their families had given a very positive response to the new system.

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