Runwood Homes managing director Logan Logeswaran says short-term thinking is hampering efforts to combat bed blocking in hospitals.

In an exclusive interview, the Runwood Homes chief told Care Home Professional a 10-year plan was needed to tackle the issue.

Logan said: “There is no long-term commitment or plan from the NHS or CCG or local authorities. They tend to think in 12 month cycles. We need to know how we are going to do things in the longer term. It would benefit all to have a 10-year plan.”

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Runwood works with a number of CCGs and local authorities to help ease pressure on the NHS.

With an overall 94% bed occupancy rate, the group has spare capacity to cater for hospital discharges.

The group offers short term and respite, as well as long term care.

“We are able to be flexible to meet demand,” Logan said.

An increasing number of local models are being developed across the country to ease pressure on the NHS.

In West Berkshire, the council has revealed plans to take over a Care UK home in a bid to free up more beds for hospital discharge (see Council to take over home in bid to tackle bed blocking).

In North Staffordshire, meanwhile, CCGs have announced the appointment of a care home matron to help reduce hospital admissions (see Care home matron vows to cut hospital admissions).

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