EXCLUSIVE: New Ideal Carehomes managing director sets out vision

Paul Farmer

The new managing director of Ideal Carehomes, Paul Farmer, has set out his goals in an exclusive interview with Care Home Professional.

Paul, who joined the business last week from his previous role as managing director at care home provider St Philip’s Care, highlighted staff investment and better relative engagement as his key priorities.

“The sector has invested and been innovative over the last 20 years but where the sector has perhaps missed a trick is we need to invest in our staff,” Paul told us.

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“The mantra for Ideal is ‘our homes are a great place to live’. We want to make that ‘Ideal is a great place to work’ as well. That’s something I believe passionately as an individual and something I believe we have to take forward.

“We need to make sure that we are always engaged with our staff. My wife is a care assistant so I know what she feels like when she comes home from work. We need to acknowledge the great work our staff do on a day to day basis.”

Better engagement with residents’ relatives was identified as another key priority by Paul.

“We are in the world of information technology so we need to recognise that we are not only providing care for the residents that live with us but also the relatives who share that experience with us,” he said.

“It’s an immensely challenging time for them so we need to make sure that we have got good engagement.

“There’s a lot of internal things that we will be doing to support that. We are looking at electronic care planning systems, for example, and how to use technology to engage better with relatives.”

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