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Start-up company Kuradocs is rolling out a new online system to provide support for carers.

‘Liferaft’ is an online portal offering comprehensive and practical support for people with health and social care needs.

Kuradocs founder Nicola Murgatroyd told Care Home Professional: “The portal is designed to remove the burden of repetitive form-filling and can be used by anyone who has long term health needs that require regular medical intervention, whether he or she is an elderly person living with dementia or Parkinsons, or a younger person living with spina bifida, autism, epilepsy or diabetes.”

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Nicola came up with the idea for the business after being swamped by the administrative burden of caring for her daughter who was born with spina bifida.

Liferaft allows a person with care needs or their nominated user to record a wide range of securely stored care and personal information, helping them to live at home for longer and subsequently enabling a smoother transition into a care home.

The portal’s features include:

  • Tracking – where everything from blood pressure, to clothing size, to blood sugar levels can be added and kept updated
  • Goals – where carers can comment on a person’s achievements and this information can be shared with care homes, GPs and physiotherapists
  • Journal – including pictures of activities to share with family members and others in the care circle
  • About Me – including preferences such as favourite colours, phobias, likes/dislikes, favourite foods, previous occupations, and favourite music, or memories, ideally suited for people living with dementia
  • Calendar – useful for staying on top of appointments
  • Reports – allows carers to quickly print off information for updates on important aspects of the person’s care needs and any overnight changes in their health, such as a pressure sore that needs to be treated
  • Events – this might include local or family events that the person is looking forward to attending

You can find out more about Liferaft by clicking here.

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