EXCLUSIVE: EveryLIFE integrates PassSystem MARs with Lloyds Pharmacy


EveryLIFE technologies and Lloyds Pharmacy have announced a solution that digitally tethers the administration of medication in domiciliary care with the pharmacy that dispenses it.

PillPass is an extension of PASSsystem that creates a single Medical Administration Record (MAR) that can be updated in real time as drugs are given to residents. Lloyds Pharmacy is linked into the same MAR and does not have to create or manage its own version.

The system is likely to start helping citizens in their own home with domiciliary care service providers monitoring their medication.

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With PASSsystem, the MAR follows that individual if they need to move into a care home, saving an operator the time and complexity of creating a new one.

“This is the first time that a system has linked care providers and their pharmacy,” Paul Barry, CEO of EveryLIFE told Care Home Professional during today’s Health+Care show.

“We have delivered what the care industry has wanted for years: the prescription management system at the pharmacy is linked to the care plan system of the service provider,” he explained.

The first conversation between EveryLIFE and Lloyds Pharmacy was a year ago at the 2015 Health+Care show, and it has taken 12 months to bring it to the point of announcing it today. This rapid timeline has given EveryLIFE a considerable jump on competitors in the market, claims Mr Barry. “This will be very difficult to replicate for competitors,” he said. “We have a one year lead on the market.”

Lloyds Pharmacy has secured an exclusive agreement with EveryLIFE to work with every domiciliary care provider using PASSsystem and PillPass, although  Mr Barry did not specify how long that exclusivity period will last.

Mr Barry also revealed that the company is now working on another extension to PASSsystem that will help manage medication when a care home resident is admitted or discharged from hospital. This could deal with a major pinch point in the system that costs care providers and the NHS time and money during the admission process, and delays discharge back to a care home, with all the wasted resources that problem entails.

“Instead of that hospitals providing a prescription for just five days of medication following a hospital stay, which then requires a visit to the GP for a repeat prescription, this will all be managed by the system we are creating,” Mr Barry revealed.


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