EXCLUSIVE: Care sector must get tough, says Care England


Professor Martin Green, CEO of Care England, has said the care sector needs to get tough after it was cold shouldered by the government in the Autumn Statement.

Care Home Professional spoke with the head of Care England in the aftermath of last month’s announcement by Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Martin said: “Unless we get more funding some services will go out of business. In places like Doncaster they pay £2.30 an hour for residential care. It’s just not possible. We will see lots of services in certain areas closing.”

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The Care England chief said without further support the UK would have a “two-tier” system where people able to afford it would receive high quality, whereas areas such as the north-east where there are less self funders would fall further behind.

“Everyone should have a right to quality care just as they should have a right to quality healthcare,” Martin said. “We musn’t do anything that undermines that.”

The head of Care England said the sector needed to “toughen up” and stop being taken granted by the government and advised providers to stop taking residents at below a fair cost of care.

“We have got to start saying we are not taking contracts on that level,” Martin said.

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