EXCLUSIVE: Campaigner calls for CCTV in care home communal areas

Jayne Connery

CCTV campaigner Jayne Connery believes she is winning her battle to make cameras mandatory in the communal areas of care homes.

Jayne launched her campaign after taking her mother, who lives with dementia, into her own care after she was failed by the system.

“This campaign isn’t about pointing the finger at carers,” she said.

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“There are some fantastic care homes out there. This is about avoiding moments that can be devastating to people’s lives.”

She said CCTV can help avoid instances of preventable neglect, including preventable falls, people being neglected at meal times and inappropriate manual handling.

“CCTV is an extra tool to bring in to support care standards,” she said. “It’s a positive for residents, families and carers.

“I think the care sector as a whole needs to understand that to run a successful care home we have to bring safeguarding and transparency in.”

It’s a battle Jayne believes she is winning as she takes her message out to care providers.

“The support’s been amazing,” Jayne said. “Nobody wants to run a bad business.  Technology that can help provide better care standards can only be good for any care service.”

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  1. Absolutely, the elderly are so vulnerable and need love and care in their twilight years. It’s bad enough they have to cope with their disabilities, severe aches and pains without the added worry of being abused and shouted at.

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