EXCLUSIVE: Avery Healthcare boss reveals care in the community crisis


Avery Healthcare managing director John Strowbridge has said some private care home operators may soon have to stop providing local authority beds.

In an exclusive interview with Care Home Professional Mr Strowbridge predicted that some care home operators would stop providing local authority beds “within the next couple of years” due to “inadequate” local authority fees and “inflationary pressures”.

Mr Strowbridge said: “I’ve always been able to, and wanted to, provide care in the community which means both for private clients and local authority clients. Regrettably it’s getting to a point where we are having to be quite restrictive on the number of local authority clients we can provide care to.

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“It’s now got to where the larger operators with standard capital structures are virtually at the point of not being able to accept local authority clients.”

The managing director said Avery currently ran a 70:30 mix of private to local authority beds.

Local authority fees ranged from £300 to between £600 and £700, whereas the true cost of running a care home ranged between £700 and £1,100 per bed, the Avery boss commented.

He said that private customers were having to foot the bill for the underfunding of local authority residents with private clients currently paying on average around double the latter.

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