Every care home resident to get two visits each week, PM promises


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised that every care home resident will be able to receive two visitors a week by the end of the year.

Addressing the House of Commons on the government’s COVID-19 Winter Plan yesterday, Mr Johnson said the government was beginning to deploy rapid turnaround testing to care homes in England which provided results in 30 minutes so that “people will once again be able to hug and hold hands with loved ones, instead of waving at them through a window”.

The PM added: “By the end of the year, this will allow every care home resident to have two visitors, who can be tested twice a week.”

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Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock pledged to enable visits in every care home in England by Christmas earlier this month after the launch of a pilot testing scheme.

Around 20 care homes in Hampshire, Cornwall and Devon are taking part in the trial, which gives family members or friends regular tests so that they can safely visit residents.

Responding to the PM’s pledge, Care England chief executive Professor Martin Green, said: “There is a lot of progress and reasons to be positive, however, there are certainly a lot of challenges, some easier than others.

“The news about visiting is positive, but again an array of issues that need to be thought through and we cannot be too hasty with people’s lives at stake.”

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  1. Easy for Boris to make such populist promises. But exactly how accurate are these immediate tests? Think on that. Also will the Government indemnify care homes against any legal claims arising from covid entering homes via visitors or covid + patients discharged from hospitals?

    1. End this barbaric inhumane treatment of the most vulnerable in society NOW. This is a blatant example of human rights abuse.
      My 95 years mother who has early stqge vacsular dementia is in tears every night I phone her not having a hug or daily family visits for the past 9 months. It is totally unacceptable in a supposed civilized society!!

  2. Just get on with it. Living in a care home with no life, isn’t right. Locked away, not allowed out to access all the things they should be able to for 11 months?? Testing and vaccine asap for all residents and staff and then they will have their lives back.

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