EU REFERENDUM DEBATE: Prestwick Care chief calls for Brexit

Bunty Malhotra

In the final days leading up to Thursday’s EU Referendum, Care Home Professional has been asking the country’s leading operators for their views on the vote, and how they believe business will be affected.

Bunty Malhotra, chief executive of Prestwick Care and director of hospitality and leisure conglomerate Malhotra Group, says he will be voting for Brexit because he believes in this country’s ability to thrive outside the EU.

“It is indeed a critical moment in our nation’s history in terms of the kind of United Kingdom we wish to leave for our future generations,” he says.

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“To be told that this country would be crippled if we do not join this failed superstate dream is extremely upsetting. This country has the sound fundamentals and resilience to take its own decisions and thrive based on our glorious history.

“For me it is matter of having faith in our country and the exceptional talent it possesses. I therefore  intend to vote for Brexit,” he states.

Malhotra Group is based in Newcastle, and the majority of its care homes, hotels, bars and restaurants are located in the North East.

Mr Malhotra is convinced that the UK has been held back by interference from Brussels and that uncontrolled immigration has failed.

“Immigration and  interference from Brussels into our core policy domain,

along with a drain on our resources from health, education and housing is a major concern for me,” he describes.

“We as a country would be better off having a point based system to invite individuals with the skills that our country really need,” he adds.

Mr Malhotra concedes that there could be a short term economic impact, but believes the UK will bounce back. “Brexit would mean that after the initial shock and adjustment, we will be truly free to make the policies and country would be stronger in the long term. Remaining in Europe would mean more of the same but even more damaging integration with some of the countries that have nothing in common with us apart from boarders that are now under constant siege,” he concludes.

Editor’s note: Care Home Professional has invited business leaders from across the care home industry for their views on the EU Referendum and will publish all opinions from both sides of the argument.

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