EU REFERENDUM DEBATE: Healthcare Management Solutions CEO is a definite Leaver


“I’m a very definite Leave,” asserts Tony Stein, CEO of Healthcare Management Solutions.

The company offers care home owners, investors, banks and insolvency practitioners a one-stop solution to all their care home management needs.

A typical operator client might outsource head office administrative functions in order to free their time to focus on care.

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Mr Stein is convinced that the country will throw off bureaucratic shackles if we vote to leave on Thursday. “There is nothing that the EU does for the UK that we can’t do from outside at a much reduced cost and with greater control. I am yet to be convinced by any argument that the EU has contributed anything significant other than to act as a first step to a politically unified Europe with a loss of sovereignty to the UK and a greater concentration of power in Brussels,” he tells Care Home Professional.

For the care sector, Mr Stein suspects that the only impact will be positive. “It will release more money for funding health and social services,” he suggests.

More generally, Mr Stein is concerned at the ever-increasing control that EU officials try to impose on the UK. “Concentrating power is never a desirable outcome given that it will be open to abuse and corruption (already witnessed in Brussels) and unduly influenced by the rich and powerful directly or through lobby groups,” he argues.

He does not claim to have any greater insight about the future, whether we vote to remain or to leave, but is confident that the UK will thrive if it votes for Brexit. “The outcome of a leave vote is complete speculation – nobody can know with any certainty what leaving will do to trade or currency. However what we do know is that the UK will have the ability to determine how we negotiate our way through the changes that we don’t have currently within the EU,” he says.

On the dividing line topic of immigration, Mr Stein again believes there will be little difference whichever way the country votes. “Immigration is a complete red herring as the UK can determine who and how we manage immigration post a Brexit and that can range from do exactly what we are doing now to slamming the door shut completely.”

Mr Stein accepts that establishing new trading agreements with other EU countries may not be automatic, but believes that countries within and outside the EU will ultimately negotiate with the UK. “In terms of tarrifs and trade arrangements the EU may well be annoyed by a leave decision however the UK is an important market on the doorstep. From an EU perspective the EU negotiations on trade with non-EU countries has been utterly inept thus far and leaving will allow the UK to push ahead with negotiations without the inevitable delays that having to get agreement from the entire EU leads to,” he asserts.

Finally, Mr Stein argues that EU fat cats are wasting money on their own structures and personal fiefdoms. “On a personal level I see the EU bureaucrats attending functions with their entourages of advisers and bag-carriers and wonder why we accept that tax-payer funded civil servants should need expensive hotels, huge expense accounts and champagne and caviar receptions to do their jobs. It’s unnecessary, unacceptable at any level and we shouldn’t be funding it.”



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