England’s ‘worst’ care homes revealed

Northgate House

England’s 14 worst care homes have been revealed by a solicitors following analysis of CQC data.

The services, which have been rated Inadequate in all five categories, are among more than 250 care homes given the lowest CQC rating, according to Hudgell Solicitors.

Solicitor Sarah Scully said: “Some of the failings highlighted by CQC inspectors at these care and residential homes are appalling. They paint a frightening picture of what happens in poorly managed and run care facilities.”

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The analysis documents incidents of missed medication, untrained staff, poor nutrition and residents being left for up to seven weeks without a bath or shower.

The findings also revealed instances of rapid weight loss in some homes, residents left exposed to the risk of injury through abuse, falls and choking due to a lack of supervision and assistance at meals.

Ziggy Ruhomutally is operations manager of Northgate House, one of the 14 homes with five Inadequate ratings.

Speaking to the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press Mr Ruhomutally admitted things had gone wrong at the home but steps had been taken to improve.

He said: “I have to put my hands up as operations manager […] but we’ve hand-picked our new team, we’ve got a third party coming in and we’re getting people to come and work with us.

“I care for my residents, they are my family. I’m taking the right actions and making sure my staff are the right staff, we’re working with the CQC – we get updates every month, if they were not happy with us they would come in and close us.”

The 14 homes are:

Lyme Green Hall,  Macclesfield

Woolton Manor, Liverpool

Northgate House, Norwich

Meadow View, Jaywick, Essex

Hemsworth Park, Wakefield

Holly Tree Lodge, Barnsley

Highcroft Manor,  Towcester

Riverside Court, Knottingley, West Yorks

The Oaks, Grt Bentley, Essex

Clover House, Halifax

Northcott House, Gosport, Hants

Abbotsford Nursing Home, Whalley Range, Manchester

Laverstock Care Centre, Salisbury, Wilts

Madeley Manor, Madeley, Staffs


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  1. It would be interesting to know how many of these homes are still being used as placements for social services and if indeed they are full !!!!!!
    I suspect they are in which case SS are advocating poor quality solely due to cost. How are good operators expected to react ?

    1. usually there are embagos placed on inadequate homes.They are not allowed to admit and families are free to transfer their loved ones during the period of restructuring.The CQC and not social services assess quality of care

      1. My Mum was in Lyme Green she was assaulted and suffered life changing injuries as mentioned in the cqc report in April 2018. The report was done 2 days after her assault which i informed them of.The LA Cheshire East Council were heavily involved in the home when this happened and have stonewalled us ever since..

  2. Owners were told about issues in Barnsley one by member of own staff but ignored it cos was making a good profit.. Staff member got sacked!

  3. I worked at clover house both before and after Castle Villas took over before they owned the home the residents were well looked after when the new owners came on board there was never enough food, staff were run ragged as they cut numbers and the new owner agreed to admit residents who needed higher levels of care than we as care staff could safely provide. When anyone went to them with concerns we were told ‘ you know where the door is ‘ I was ashamed to tell people where I worked in the end and left but in doing so I felt really guilty for leaving the residents

  4. The problem is carers are not carers now they are cooks cleaners laundry assistants Elderly residents are looking after themselves carers are over loaded with work this needs to stop carers should be spending time with residents the system needs changing

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