Energy consultancy Box Power donates profits to local charities

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Bolton based not-for-profit energy consultancy, Box Power, has donated all of its profits to 24 local charities.

Representatives from each of these charities attended a special charity event organised by the social enterprise at Brookfield Hall in Bolton last month where they received a combined donation of £800,000.

Having witnessed the devastating impact that COVID has had on charities over the past 18 months, Box Power founders Corin and Tricia Dalby felt it appropriate to donate its profits and invite applications from local good causes.

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Corin and Tricia personally reviewed over 200 applications, as well as arranging in-person or Zoom meetings to speak with the charities directly before whittling the options down to 25 at the start of this month.

“It was a much more emotional process than I expected,” said Tricia.

“There are so many amazing charities out there, and you feel so moved by the passion that each of them have for their cause and the people they help. We wish we could have helped all of them, but we hope that – through giving as much as we can to as many as we can across all different charity types and areas – the money can make a real difference.

Corin added: “We also like to think that we’re setting an example – at a time like this, cross-industry collaboration is so needed and being able to give anything you can to people who give their all every day to look after the marginalised, disadvantaged or socially excluded amongst us, is something that all businesses should look to incorporate.”

David Smith, chief financial officer of one of Box Power’s leading partners, HC-One, said he was “blown away” when he heard of the social enterprise’s donation.

Writing to Box Power’s founders, David said: “As you know given my personal experiences some of the causes you support are very close to me. You always hear about people doing good things but realistically, it’s about 1/10th of what they do. With Box Power, it’s 100% and it makes us very proud to work with such a philanthropic company like this – that is setting a remarkable precedent for others.”


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