An end to wasted care home visits?

A free care home advice line has been launched with the aim of ending wasted care home visits.

The Chosen with Care initiative is designed to ensure self funding clients only visit appropriate homes saving time for service users and care home providers.

Chosen with Care statistics reveal over 75% of self funding families do not understand the basic difference between a residential and nursing home.

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The Chosen with Care Advice Line will provide information on a range of issues affecting self funding clients, including:

Location, type of care, affordability and availability;

Creating a ‘Care Summary’ for the family to take away;

Explaining how to carry out a care search;

Providing a step by step guide on what to do next; and

Providing reassurance and empathy.

The service also enables care home providers to offer assistance to clients who they are otherwise unable to help by redirecting them to the advice line.

Clients who have used the service will be more informed about the care home when they visit, saving further time for everyone. Reducing the number of inappropriate care home visits also makes potential clients more receptive to the homes they do visit.

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