Elderly woman dies after fall in care home garden


A 103 year old woman has died after being left alone in a care home garden for two hours.

Barbara Doodson was found at the bottom of a flight of stairs in the garden at Reinbeck care home in Davenport, which is operated by Borough Care.

Mark Ward, CEO of Borough Care, said: “We were extremely sorry to lose Barbara, who was a big part of life in our home.

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“Barbara was a very independent and active 103-year-old, who spent as much time in our beautiful gardens as she possibly could.

“Our residents’ safety is our highest priority and we constantly evaluate and improve our practices. Reinbeck has been inspected twice in the past year, including as recently as September. On both occasions, the home was rated as Good.”

Mrs Doodson had been taken outside by a carer and left unattended until an alarm was raised when her room was found empty.

The inquest heard that the garden’s stairs had now been replaced with a ramp and Reinbeck had introduced an observation chart to complete every 15 minutes.

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