EDITOR’S VIEW: PM must walk the walk on social care

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It came as no surprise when Boris Johnson revealed in January that his “clear plan” for social care could take five years to come to fruition.

After his previous promises of imminent action, the announcement of further delay was greeted with an inevitable chorus of outrage and consternation from a sector accustomed to being kicked in the teeth.

CHP warned its readers in a previous editorial, Same old promises? CHP September 2019, of placing too much store in Mr Johnson’s characteristically bullish pledges to fix social care.

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While having boasted of having a “clear plan” for the sector on the steps of Downing Street after his decisive General Election victory, fast forward three months and still no-one has the faintest idea what the plan is.

The minimalistic detail on social care included in the Tories’ manifesto featured the pledge to seek a cross-party consensus on a long-term solution.

With the Tories having subsequently gained a thumping 80-seat majority and the opposition parties in disarray, the onus is now on the Government to seize the agenda and make social care a priority.

With animosity in the Commons having subsided somewhat with the resolution of the bitter Brexit process, leaders from the cowed opposition have signalled their willingness to work with the Government on finding consensus.

Former Labour leadership candidate Jess Phillips, spoke for many by arguing people would be prepared to pay tax for a decent social care system and adding she was ready to work with the Government on the issue.

Given the new political mood and Mr Johnson’s all-conquering position, there is really new excuse for inaction and delay.

We’ve heard the PM talk the talk. Now it’s time to walk the walk.

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  1. Well let’s see what their progress to date has been:

    March 17 : Phillip Hammond announces Social Care green paper by end of 2017.
    October 17: Damien Green revises publish date to summer 2018.
    June 18: Jeremy Hunt revises deadline to Autumn.
    July 18: Jeremy Hunt revises deadline to match NHS Plan (Jan 19).
    January 19: Matt Hancock revises deadline to (April 19).
    July 19: Nothing Published.
    Feb 20: Boris Johnson says Care Plan could be 5 years away.
    Conclusion: Don’t hold your breath!
    Why did people vote this shower in?

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