DHSC announces 2% rise in nursing subsidy


The NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC) standard weekly rate is being increased by 2% in 2018/19, the DHSC has announced.

The current standard rate of £155.05 will rise to £158.16 from April 1 2018 to reflect overall waging pressures, the DHSC said. The higher FNC rate is also being raised by 2% from £213.32 to £217.59.

Reacting to the announcement, Care England said the increase in subsidy was disappointing, arguing that it would not meet the huge pressure being faced by the sector.

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Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, said: “Whilst we recognise and welcome that this is an increase in the rate it does not address the current cost pressures for nursing in our sector.

“What we need to be clear on is that the cost of the rising dependency of nursing needs of residents exceeds the proposed rate rise. The shortage of nurses – over which we have no control – means that recruiting nurses is a costly challenge along with increasing agency costs associated with rising nurse vacancies.

“The cost of employing nurses is rising with auto pension enrolment and other staff costs – we need to retain our nurses and offer the best employment packages possible. This linked with the rising number of nursing hours needed to meet care needs mean that central Government is not supporting our sector sufficiently.”

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  1. This equates to £22.60 per day for 3 nurses covering 24 hours at £25 minimum per hour ( including on-costs) this rise equates to an increase of 45 pence per day. This goes no way towards reflecting the increase in salaries to cover cost of living.
    Nursing Homes buy specialist equipment, employ high ratios of staff v. dependency and employ highly trained managers.
    We have an urgent need of beds and this only serves to show the lack of value DHSC have for our elderly and those who choose to serve them.

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