DESIGN FOCUS: Do I have to be challenged by my environment every day?

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The Care Home Designer (TCHD) says creating the right environment has a profound impact on people living with dementia and care staff.

After years of designing and manufacturing products to help people with dementia cope with their surroundings, we thought it was time to apply our skills to further improve their welfare by redesigning those surroundings that cause the challenges in the first place.

Creating the right environment has a profound impact on residents, the people who work in the home and on the business itself. Creating more enabling places for residents and staff contributes significantly to a more successful business. Currently, homes are closing whilst demand is increasing, so ensuring homes are sustainable businesses is a primary objective.

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TCHD provides all the services to deliver effective environments for care homes. Using the science and psychology of colour and with our understanding of the conflicts surroundings create, every aspect of the environment is made as effective and engaging as possible. Our mantra is ‘everything for a reason’.

As well as improving the quality of the ‘home’ experience for residents, we’re improving the working experience for staff and the health of the business too, by elevating the standard of care the home is able to deliver. Quality of care is an important factor for a sustainable business.

100% evidence-based strategies

A property director recently asked us: “How do we know what’s right when there’s so many conflicting opinions?”

Good point! Unfortunately that’s why so many homes are a bland wilderness. A lack of consensus has hampered progress, especially when funds are tight and it’s crucial money is invested wisely.

Our strategies are supported by research, extensive feedback and experience to ensure we work from the most ‘informed’ position possible and take the uncertainty out of investing in a better environment.

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