Virtual Dementia Tour

A dementia simulator ‘Tardis’ designed to help people understand what it is like to live with the condition has come to Abbeyfield Society’s Rowley Bank assisted living home in Stafford.

Carers and family members looking after people living with dementia gathered to take part in the simulation, which is run by Training 2 Care.

Theresa Wlison, senior house manager at The Abbeyfield Society, said: “This is an absolutely unique and mind-changing approach to dementia care, which has completely changed my perception of what life is like for people living with the condition.

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“We want to help people caring for loved ones with dementia to think differently about the condition by offering them a window into the world of what life is like for people with dementia. It’s a world which can be frightening, stressful and upsetting, but by learning about the realities of dementia we can implement far-reaching and improved care provision that is radical in its approach and methods.”

The one of its kind simulator uses methods and equipment that alter the senses so users experience the often frightening and upsetting reality of what daily life can be like for someone with dementia.

Mayor of Stafford, Councillor Aidan Godfrey, (pictured), who was among those to take part in the simulation, said: “It was a very sobering experience. We all know any form of dementia has terrible impact on individuals and their families. However, nothing prepared me for the attack my senses received during the virtual dementia tour.

“My experience lasted only a few minutes and was bad enough, but it must be truly awful to spend your life constantly in pain and with near total sensory deprivation. To understand a little of the suffering people go through, I recommend a visit to the tour.”

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