DEMENTIA CARE & NURSING HOME EXPO: Time to get tough with LAs, says Care England


Care home providers need to “ween’ themselves off local authority funding, according to Care England CEO, Martin Green.

Speaking at the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo yesterday, Martin said care home providers needed to get tougher about saying ‘no’ to low local authority fees.

Martin said: “This is the moment when the supply-demand equation will tip. I am telling my members that they should screw their local authorities to the carpet as those local authorities have tried to screw them to the carpet, year on year on year.

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“The notion that a local authority should expect to get high quality care for low quality fees is totally unacceptable.”

The Care England chief executive said he would be advocating putting more money into the hands of the service user in the run-up to the summer’s Green Paper.

In a wide ranging speech, Martin also called for a fairer deal for the social care workforce, arguing it was “outrageous” that the Government spent £3,600 on each NHS worker compared with £16 for each carer.

Martin added he was “sick to death” of the constant talk of health and social care integration arguing that people in the sector were too focused on processes rather than outcomes.

He also urged social care providers to develop niche, bespoke services for LGBT and cultural minorities within their communities.

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