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Video guides geared towards people living with dementia and carers have been launched by healthcare information provider The Sound Doctor.

The Sound Doctor’s YouTube channel now includes videos about the disease’s early symptoms, risk of isolation and communication challenges, presented by national and international experts and supported by the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing and the Academic Health Science Network.

Dr Steve Parry, consultant geriatrician at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Things that people don’t often clue as part of dementia are changes in movement: how you move; your gait and balance.”

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Dr Parry said symptoms also included “changes in how you relate to others and the outside world; apathy, then not wanting to be part of things anymore”.

The videos share the experiences of both sufferers and their families alike, highlighting some of the better ways to manage day to day emotions.

Rosie Runciman, co-founder at The Sound Doctor, said: “We know that the more information we provide to sufferers and carers, the better they become at managing the challenges when they present themselves.

“Videos like these provide helpful guidance and education, which in turn reduces the demand on other healthcare services.”

Click below to see the videos:
Dementia – Early symptoms of dementia
Don’t hide away from dementia
Communicating with someone who has dementia

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