Dechoker developed to minimise the risk of choking to death


Dechoker Europe is targeting care homes with a device designed to stop old and frail people choking to death if their airway is blocked.  

The principles behind the Dechoker are simple: the device sucks the air from a patient’s airway (behind the obstruction) in turn sucking out the debris which has been blocking it. The mouthpiece attached to the Dechoker resembles a traditional oxygen mask but has an additional tube which is fed into a patient’s mouth which depresses the victim’s tongue allowing maximum access close to the obstruction.

Once the mask is sealed around their face, the first aider gently pumps the air out through the attached respirator for up to 3 seconds. This process can be repeated after a brief rest to allow the lungs to re-inflate. What seems like such a simple piece of equipment could indeed be the decider between life and death.

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Dechoker Europe Ltd have launched a video campaign via YouTube which shows a consultant anaesthetist demonstrating the effectiveness on the Dechoker on medical manikins. He, along with a host of other medical professionals, endorse the product and recommend that all places which hold first aid equipment should also have a Dechoker.

“Most people have experienced the fear of watching a loved one choke and although most cases end in the obstruction being cleared, far too many young, old and vulnerable people have lost their lives to this common medical emergency. In fact, choking is the leading cause of death in children. If trained in first aid, anyone who witnesses a choking emergency will have been taught traditional methods of extracting the foreign body which blocks the patient’s airway, such as the Heimlich manoeuvre. Although such techniques can be highly effective, if ineffective, the only course of action is to await an emergency response; however, knowing that it only takes four minutes for brain damage to possibly occur in someone choking, this is a costly wait. Experts at Dechoker Europe Ltd are only too aware of these facts, and as a result have worked tirelessly over the last few years to research and bring to production the Dechoker,” a company spokesman said.

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  1. How can the lungs re-inflate if the airway is blocked? Having looked at their website they have no clinical trials or testing behind the product. This product is not MHRA registered or CE accredited so how can it target care homes? Also the tube would make the casualty gag and drown on their vomit before clearing “if it can” the airway. Also they have only been registered for a few months in the UK so how have they worked for two years?

  2. Simple answers:
    The Dechoker is very effective and once the airway obstruction has been removed or partially removed then the lungs would be able to reinflate.
    You should not post information on this site or any other that is untrue! The Dechoker is FDA registered and, importantly for Europe, CE marked and MHRA registered [MDG-1034-AR / MHRA code: Z999 and MHRA ref: CA015553]
    The tube would not make someone gag.
    The product has been in widespread use in the USA. The leading first-aid training companies, paramedics and medics endorse the Dechoker.

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