Cutting edge infection prevention and control audit tool launched

Vic Rayner

A cutting edge infection prevention and control audit tool has been launched for not-for-profit care providers.

The tool, which has been developed by the National Care Forum (NCF), Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) and Standards Wise International, supports organisations to assess their own practices, and prepare evidence for audit that not only meets CQC requirements but also conforms to international standards.

Vic Rayner, Executive Director of NCF, (pictured) said: “We know that infection prevention and control has always been a fundamental element of high quality care. As we enter into the new ‘COVID-normal’ it becomes ever more central to being ready and ‘here to care’.

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“In response to this, NCF is delighted to be part of an exciting new international partnership between Quality Compliance Systems, Standards Wise International and ourselves. We are all committed to ensuring the highest possible standards in care, and by working together have been able to formulate a tool that will help all our not-for-profit members across the country navigate the highest expectations around Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC).”

The tool is structured around eight questions and prompts that inspectors will use to assess infection prevention and control procedures in all care settings in England from September. It breaks down each of the eight subject areas into easily digestible points, and most importantly, it includes an ‘evidence of good practice’ section. The guidance enables providers to identify areas of improvement and rectify them using bespoke policies and procedures crafted and curated by QCS.

Mat Whittingham, the CEO and founder of QCS, added: “The ability to constantly gather and evaluate information is the litmus test of any audit tool. When we created this one, we decided to integrate the knowledge and experience of major care and compliance leaders into one holistic system. In doing so, we have created a person-centred tool, which ensures carers can achieve the delicate balance of striving for the highest safety standards without negatively affecting the quality of life of service users, staff or family members.

“Finally, in addition to creating the audit tool, we hope that the new alliance will provide the catalyst to generate ground-breaking ideas and technology, which will help not-for-profits deliver the highest standards as they strive to provide a world-class package of person-centred care.”

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