CQC steps up social care support measures during COVID-19 pandemic

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Chief Inspector of adult social care, Kate Terroni, has set out the next steps the CQC is taking to support care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In her weekly update to providers, Kate announced a four-pillar action plan for the sector consisting of: reducing the spread of infection in care homes; supporting the workforce to provide high quality care and cope with the emotional demands being placed on them by the crisis; supporting independence, end of life care and responding to individual needs; and supporting organisations that provide care.

As part of its support, the CQC has established 12 testing sites for care workers in isolation and exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, adding the regulator will soon be able to provide home testing kits. Kate said the CQC was working with local government to roll out the service to all providers.

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Furthermore, following criticism of the under reporting of COVID-19 care home deaths, Kate said the CQC had made changes to its death notification system to enable a provider to report whether a person’s death was from suspected or confirmed coronavirus.

Kate told CHP: “We are working with ONS and Public Health England to look at how to provide a more detailed and timely picture of the impact of COVID-19 on adult social care. From this week, the death notifications we collect from providers will allow them to report whether the death was of a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. As well as giving a fuller picture of deaths in care settings, this will provide a regional view which allows an assessment of which areas are most impacted and may need additional support as a result.  We will be reporting this data publicly and will confirm the method and frequency of publication as soon as possible.”

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  1. I am a nursing home manager and would like to make a few points.
    CQC are confortable ,safe and secure. They are co-ordinating testing.
    The reality is they have emailed our dementia home (who have had 4 covid deaths) and said staff can go to a testing point miles from where they live. If they cant drive because they are unwell or simply can’t drive does another member of staff put themselves at risk and take them? This is laughable.
    What exactly is it that our CQC inspectors are doing at the moment. The staff are devastated and there is definately no support.
    The government having a plan and clapping loudly for social care workers is not really making us believe things will genuinely change. Our belief in CQC is nil. They are isolating in their comfortable homes and not seeing the true picture.
    We are hoping to admit from a hospice and another care home and I believe any admission no matter where from should be swabbed.
    Not having a known history is increasing risk.
    One of the Managers has had a breakdown.
    I am sorry but CQC raise their own profile as if they are managing this. They are not.

    1. Katherine, i could not agree more with YOU

      CQC should be ashamed of themselves, i personally will never have the same respect for them again !

      Staff safe

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