CQC data on care home deaths shows ‘mandatory vaccine law is wrong’, says CSI


Analysis of the recent CQC report on deaths in care homes has demonstrated why the government’s mandatory vaccine law for care home workers “should be reconsidered”.

CSI Market Intelligence studied the CQC report and has discovered that around two thirds of attributable deaths occurred in the period April to December 2020, before the vaccination process had really started, and more than half of all care homes did not experience a single death.

CSI director Mark Short said: “The Government’s statement that only fully vaccinated care workers can guarantee the safety of their residents has really ignored the fact that most deaths occurred before any proper protection could be afforded to either the residents or care workers, and despite this most homes kept all their residents safe.”

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According to the CQC data, 6,971 care homes registered one or more COVID-19 deaths out of more than 15,500 that were operational during the period April 2020 to March 2021. Additionally, around 50% of all recorded COVID-19 deaths were attributable to less than one in 10 (1,400) care homes.

The CSI analysis also showed that the larger care homes were more susceptible to deaths in the first peak between April and June 2020, but this was not the case thereafter.

Deaths in dementia homes were also more predominant, as experts surmised that people living with dementia were less likely to social distance even in a controlled environment like a care home. This was also the case in nursing homes, against residential homes.

There was also a higher propensity of attributable deaths in the northern regions, according to CSI.

Mike continued: “We now have a regime of constant lateral flow testing for care workers and visitors, a vast majority of residents and care workers are now vaccinated and, due to this, care home deaths are much lower. I would ask the Government, what do you class as less safe? The relatively few experienced care workers without a vaccine, or too few care workers around to properly look after their residents due to the recruitment issues that their new law will bring.”

The Department of Health and Social Care was not immediately available for comment at the time of publication.

The CSI report can be read in full for free by visiting

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  1. The difficulty with the CQC report on COVID cases in care homes is that it failed to include all homes, thus rendering any analysis inconclusive.. No explanation was given as to why not all homes were included, suggesting participation was voluntary raising further concerns as to why some homes were not included.

  2. This was not a voluntary process, we were informed via email a few days prior to the announcement.

    1. All lies big lies over this 2 crazy Chinese year I was working in few care homes nursing and residential all mix together ?one ….things no abnormal death,s observation

    2. All lies big lies over this 2 crazy Chinese year I was working in few care homes nursing and residential all mix together ?one ….thing no abnormal numbers if death,s ….the government thinks U are idiots

  3. We also were informed but because we had no Covid within the care home during the pandemic we were not included in the numbers.

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