COVID-19: Care England warns of ‘severe financial implications’ for care sector


Care England has issued a stark warning of the “severe financial implications” of the coronavirus crisis for the care sector.

In a new paper, the largest representative body of adult social care urges the government local authority to use the £3.2bn in crisis funds allocated to them on the frontline.

Professor Martin Green OBE, CEO of Care England, said: “Ultimately, during this time of crisis, social care providers should be given the necessary resources to allow them to focus solely upon providing care and support to some of societies’ most vulnerable, as opposed to having to engage in a piecemeal manner with local authorities and struggle for every part of their viability.”

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Care England said a number of local authorities were yet to follow guidance in allocating an additional 10% in funding for social care during the crisis with some stipulating that providers must accept positive COVID-19 individuals to receive emergency support.

The call came as campaigners have warned that many care home operators face financial collapse without greater funding support.

The County Councils Network, meanwhile, has urged the government to provide clarity on how much individual authorities will receive from the government’s latest £1.6bn in emergency funding as it revealed its care costs had grown by £1bn.

Councils are planning to spend an additional £71m recruiting carers to meet demand, £144m has been spent on activity such as procuring personal protection equipment (PPE). Alongside this, an additional £138m has been allocated to support the most vulnerable children during the crisis, amounting to a combined cost of £937m.

Despite this, county leaders fear the share of additional funding for social care could be lower than when the previous funding was announced at the beginning of April if the way funding is distributed is dramatically altered.

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