Council invests £160,000 in boosting care standards


Nottinghamshire County Council has announced a £160,000 investment in monitoring care services, including care homes.

The money is being used to expand its team of inspection officers who monitor care standards across the county.

Councillor Stuart Wallace, Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Adult Social Care and Health Committee, said: “We all see the awful stories about abuse in care homes or poor quality social care in the media and it is easy to let this taint your view of all care providers.

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“However, the vast majority of providers are outstanding or good in Nottinghamshire and we have set up regular events to showcase their good work, particularly for the benefit of homes that require improvement.

“Making sure care providers offer good standards of care is a major priority for this Council and investing in extra monitoring staff will help us to tackle homes where there are issues.”

The council has also introduced care home forums and information sessions where managers can share best practice and homes requiring improvement can be given support and advice on how to deal with issues affecting their standards of care.

Outstanding rated care home Hatzfeld House in Bidworth is playing a leading role in sharing best practice at the sessions.

Manager Jessica Poznanski said: “Like any organisation, the staff are the backbone of our home and without them we wouldn’t be able to offer excellent care to our residents.

“We’ve invested in our workforce with incentives such as Employee of the Month, which includes spa sessions as a reward, and offering staff who work at weekends a takeaway.

“Each care worker is an expert in a particular field such as dementia, diabetes and support for lesbian, gay and transgender residents, which really benefits their skills development.

“We are reaping the rewards as on average an employee will stay with us for around four to six years, which helps us to offer consistent standards of care.

“When the Care Quality Commission introduced the Outstanding rating it almost seemed an impossible goal but I’m proud that we’ve proved it can be done with a bit of imagination.”

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  1. The Care Sector is regulated by a National Regulator, the CQC, and this should be enough to assure the quality of services in Nottinghamshire. The Council is not investing in quality, it is investing in duplication and monitoring.
    £160 000 could be better spent on more care packages, or real and measurable quality improvements , rather than employing more bureaucrats and pen pushers. I challenge Nottinghamshire to publish the outcomes measures of this expenditure and the targets of the staff.

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