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Cost is the main barrier to care home providers switching to digital medicine management tools, according to new research.

The survey revealed that 89% of care home staff still used traditional paper-based methods for medicine management with 29% saying they were not involved in the decision process for this, but of those that did have an influence, 40% revealed that cost was the main barrier to switching to digital.

David Hamilton, Commercial Director for the Well Group, provider of the Well Care Plus digital medicine management system, said: “Digital systems have been proven to increase patient safety and 63% of people surveyed agreed that technology is the future of medicine management.

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“The seemingly contradictory findings of the research suggest that a cost-benefit analysis of switching to digital technology needs to be better communicated to the care home industry.”

Despite cost being reported as the most common reason for not using digital methods, cost actually ranked as the least important factor when thinking about medicine management with 80% of those surveyed ranked patient safety as the most important factor.

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