CORONAVIRUS: Government provides care home guidance


Guidance has been provided to care homes on how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The guidance, which was issued last week, came after a nursing home in Brighton was closed and then reopened last month after residents came into contact with an infected health worker.

Public Health England told care providers: “There is no need to do anything differently in any care setting at present.

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“If any of your staff do become infected through travel to affected countries you will be contacted by your local Health Protection Team to take you through a risk assessment for your particular setting.”

The Government said the local health protection team was on hand to offer advice and guidance in the event of an outbreak.

Its advice focused on the importance of hand washing, adding people who felt ill should stay at home and not attend work.

The Government said facemasks did not provide protection from infection for care staff during normal day to day activities and should, therefore, not be worn. It added that infected individuals should only wear facemasks on the advice of a healthcare worker.

Additionally, the guidance said there was no need to close a care home while a member of staff or resident was awaiting results after testing for the virus.

The Government recommended that care homes did not close in the event it was discovered they has been in contact with an infected individual.

Management teams will be contacted by the Public Health England (PHE) local Health Protection Team in the event of an outbreak.

The guidance stressed that it remained “very unlikely that people receiving care in a care home or the community will become infected”.

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  1. Our mother is in a nursing home. This morning we received a call to say closed to visitors because of concerns over coronavirus. Of course we want our mother protected but are concerned the lack of family contact, which is daily and has contributed immensely to her recovery post-stroke, will have on her. Can they do this? Isn’t it a bit drastic? Plus, we have been having concerns regarding the level of care being provided at the home. SW and Cqc involved. So worried something will happen. Thank-you

    1. My Mother is in a care home also, and are telling me there is a ban on visiting. But as far as I understand unless the government bring in a ban the homes can only suggest limiting visits not ban them.

      1. Sorry but these are my thoughts
        Yes they can stop visitors to their property, they are the main carers and they can decide on visiting, the only consideration is for those without capacity and subject to a DoLs, it could be considered a deprivation, but the care home can argue it is in the persons best interests. Worst case scenario is for you to choose to comply with their request or remove your relative to somewhere that is not restricted.
        Further, its not just about individuals, people in care homes are in ‘communal’ living and in a confined area they are also in the most vulnerable group for contracting Covid-19.
        I personally would prefer measures to protect my relative than be selfish enough to only consider myself and my preferences, its about keeping loved ones safe
        The staff don’t have the choice but to visit the home to undertake their duties, we do

        1. Care homes are in lockdown….like every other home in the country….
          They are trying to protect the most vulnerable…….
          Children in hospital with corvid 19 do not have contact with their family….
          I know how it feel not to have contact with your mam, dad, your children and grandchildren….
          But please do as you are asked and stay away…..staff in care home are working hard to protect your love ones…..
          Risking themselves and their own family, working long hours

    2. My Daughter works at the Barns Carehome in Davenham Cheshire she informed me that they have no way of testing their staff for the Corona virus.
      They are still using face masks and using the correct protocol of hand washing techniques.
      Do I need to be worried about her personal safety.

  2. My husband is in a Nursing Home which has shown no evidence of anyone being in contact with Coronavirus but they are not allowing any visitors husband has advancing Alyheimers and is very ill..he has stopped eating & drinking..he needs me to be there and i am being denied access to see him..coincidentally there is to be a CQC inspection tomorrow..i smell a rat

    1. İ work in a care home and i am not allowed to wear a antiviral snood which i paid for as we will only have a mask when we have a confirmed case in my opinion when it’s to late i want to protect my self but not allowed this is rediculus if i do get covid from my work i will be suing them

  3. My Mother too is in a Nursing Home in Staffordshire , which has closed today for visitors, again with no evidence of anyone having or being in contact with the Virus, She is bed bound, I feed her three times a day and in the main only eats for me, She needs encouragement from me to take medication and constantly asks for me during the day. I am extremely concerned about not being able to see and assist her and fear for the worse from this and the lack of contact with family not the Virus at this stage. According to the Breaking News on BBC it looks like that they have closed too soon.

  4. We are in the same situation with my Dad’s Carehome and we have visited him everyday for over a year now, it is so traumatic. We self-fund for his care and therefore I wonder if we have more of a say in this decision, but unsure! I feel if we cannot see him, not only is he going to deteriorate much quicker, it will make my mum ill not seeing him. I am trying to find out where we stand but not much success so far. The care-home initially said they will shutdown to visitors for 4 weeks, but I feel it could be longer.

    1. Hi I work in care home and it is are responsibility to look after your loved ones and protect them in the best way we can and put them first we dont feel good about this non visiting family members but during this time with the coronvirus going around we cant take any chances and put residents and staff at risk it is a difficult time for everyone and we understand it’s hard not seeing your family but we will do whatever it takes to protect your love ones.

  5. People have to understand that keeping members of the public out of nursing homes is in the best interest of the residents. It might be a very worrying time for families and I do understand . But keeping the elderly away from this deadly virus is the main concern as it is the elderly that suffers the most. I think nearly all deaths are the elderly. If I had passed someone in the street and contracted the coronavirus from them and then taken it into the home I would never forgive myself knowing that I could be the cause of possible deaths. We have to keep people safe

    1. My partner works in a care home and she’s been told that if someone comes down with it in the home they will have to stay there and won’t be allowed home…drastic measure…but can they do that?

  6. Just received a call from mums Dementia care home. Someone there has the virus and has been admitted to hospital. Mum is not showing any signs of having it. Should I remove mum now and keep her isolated at home with me or do I leave her in the care home and hope for the best. The cats home is closed to visitation

  7. Totally agree with you and your comments, older people in the community are being asked to self isolate, avoid contact with others where possible, a lot of people in care rely on care home care staff to make these decisions for them
    Its about trying to keep people safe and ride this storm,

  8. Please help and advise. I have only had my mother in a care home for 1 week and have many concerns. On one occasion when I visited her around 2.30 pm she was in complete darkness. Lights off, curtains closed, windows shut. I attempted to call her but she was non responsive. I called her and called her and obviously she couldn’t hear me. I called the nursing staff who immediately panicked and started to take blood pressure temperature and sugar levels. What I want to know is why was she left in a closed up room that time of the day and if I didn’t turn up what would of happened. No body knew they said why she was left that way. I found her yesterday very distressed soaking in urine and noticed that although she had her own night wear, she was put in someone’s short t shirt and a pair of knickers. She was dehydrated and hallucinating. Her eyes were sticky and no one noticed her condition. No body has answers. Now with the Coronavirus I am not allowed to visit her. This is unfair. I was able to feed her and talk to her even though she has vascular dementia I’m sure she would know I was there. I am so distressed and worried as I feel is is not looked after properly. What do I do?

    1. We have had the same problem with my dad he has vascular dementia and we have found him in in response and they didn’t even relise if it weren’t for our visit he would not be hear and when u make a complaint the management seem to turn against u we feed him and change him so it saves them doing it but been told we carnt visit even though his on palliative care so we don’t no when his going to die and ifs very distressing not being there

  9. My Grandad is currently under COP and deemed of lacking capacity. I want to bring him home to care for him where there is only myself in the household? For his own protection.. I argue that I can offer a safer environment for him while this epidemic has its grip. He is physically fit and although forgetful at times by no means is he incapacitated in my opinion physically nor mentally. His SW (I use that term lightly) has said as the court order is in place no I cant. Anybody have any advise? Does this situation change anything about this court order as yet?

  10. I understand the concerns about the visits, but for me there ir another big one…So, let see If I understood well. In care homes they don’t provide the staff with masks or glasses to prevent infections when they do personal care and they are very close to the residents. What can happend if only one of the carers have coronavirus and he or she is asymptomatic? This can have very, very bad consequences to our love ones, to the health care workers, it is a very serious safety issue, I can not understand how the gov is not doing anything about it.

  11. I Called relatives care home to speak to manager. Was told that they were self isolating as they had symptoms. I asked if there were cases of covid19 in the home and I was told they are not allowed to disclose that information. Is that correct?

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