Corbyn says Labour would take control of failing care homes

Jeremy Corbyn And Owen Smith Take Part In The First Labour Leadership Debate

Jeremy Corbyn has said a Labour government would take over failing care homes.

Mr Corbyn’s remarks came in a talk to the Fabian Society in which he warned the social care system was close to breaking point.

The Labour leader said: “A total of 380 care home businesses have been declared insolvent since 2010.

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“That’s because the amount councils pay towards fees for residents is falling while costs are increasing.

“A Labour government would give social care the funding it needs and give a firm commitment to take failed private care homes into public ownership to maintain social care protection.”

Labour has urged the government to bring forward £700m in extra funding to support the NHS through the winter.

The party said it would fund the social care system by reversing government cuts to corporation tax.

The Labour leader said many care homes did not have adequate nursing provision and his party would take control in cases of financial mismanagement and clinical negligence.

MPs recently called upon Prime Minister Theresa May to open cross-party talks to find a solution to the social care funding crisis (see Cross-party deal needed on social care funding, say MPs).

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