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CHP is delighted to announce that care home management software leader CoolCare is sponsoring the Executive of the Year category in this year’s Leaders in Care Awards.

The category is one of 16 awards being presented during a celebratory evening on the first night of this year’s Care Show in October.

Fiona Hale, Managing Director, said: “There’s never been a more important time to celebrate the exceptional work that care home executives have done than following the pandemic, so CoolCare is delighted to be sponsoring the ‘Executive of the Year’ award.  It is been a remarkably challenging year and it has taken a lot of steel, determination and passion from care home leaders to successfully steer companies through it in a commercially viable way.

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“CoolCare is proud to have led the way in supporting executives of companies, both large and small, in digitalising their care home time and attendance, staff management, invoicing and occupancy management processes during this period.

“We’ve seen first-hand the difference that having a strategically-minded executive has on outcomes for care homes, their residents and the growth ambitions of the company. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of all the nominees and announcing the winner later this year.”

CoolCare is the UK’s most innovative care home management software.

Managing care homes is often compared to spinning plates. Every day you manage priorities of: occupancy management, staffing, invoicing, training and compliance monitoring, all of which compete for space on your to-do list.  CoolCare sorts all that out for you by bringing automated efficiencies and time saving tools to your home.

CoolCare4 covers all core aspects of running an efficient and modern care home business:

  • Occupancy and enquiry management;
  • Resident invoicing;
  • Time and attendance;
  • Rostering; and
  • Staff messaging, HR & training

Manual processes, managed through paper records and Excel spreadsheets increase the risk of data inaccuracy, higher cost and incorrect billing.  Automation through CoolCare, therefore, brings major time savings to daily, weekly and monthly admin tasks. Processing invoices, timesheets and payroll is reduced from hours to minutes, with big cost savings too.

On average, homes see automatic deductions of £4.95 on around half of their shifts, meaning a home with 50 daily shifts potentially saves over £40,000 per year!  Invoicing and billing are also transformed into a simple task with pre-sets and automatic calculations giving confidence all your fees are being correctly charged.

Care homes are 24/7 businesses that require constant oversight. CoolCare allows secure onsite and remote access to data, from any web-connected device anytime, anywhere.

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