Learning management systems provider Qintil has developed a compliance dashboard to help care homes meet their training and skills needs.

The system incorporates various features to assist with learning such as finding and tracking of training, alerts and notifications and CPD hour storage with each learner having their own learning profile.

This is put together into the compliance matrix which informs if the care home is compliant or not with their existing training.

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Sam Easen, CEO and founder of Qintil, said: “We originally built Qintil for my own business, a nursing agency employing over 1,000 healthcare workers in the UK and Australia.

“Our nurses were always out working with our clients and so it was difficult to get them into the office for a day of unpaid mandatory training. We looked for an e-learning system that could do the job more efficiently, but most were too expensive or cumbersome for our needs. So we built our own.

“We got our first customer by accident. We showed the system to our nursing agency customers – nursing homes and hospitals who used our staff to cover short-term staffing shortfalls – to demonstrate – as a mark of quality – how we train our staff. Then one customer asked if they could use it themselves.”

Qintil’s vision is to move training compliance management away from spreadsheets and into the new age of cloud-based software to make compliance tracking simpler.

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