Clos-o-Mat’s UK factory makes 30,000th Palma Vita wash and dry toilet

clos-o-mat Palma Vita

Clos-o-Mat has now manufactured and dispatched over 30,000 Palma Vita wash and dry toilets from its Cheshire manufacturing facility.

The Palma Vita has been made in Britain for almost 10 years, and is popular within care homes because it gives residents greater independence and dignity in the bathroom, and reduces the need for a carer to help.

“The Palma Vita enables anyone who may otherwise need a carer to help with their personal care can go to the toilet- and be consistently, effectively clean after, with dignity and independence,” explains marketing manager Robin Tuffley.

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“You can’t put a price on a person’s feeling of independence and wellbeing when you give them the ability to undertake something so personal for and by themselves.”


The Palma Vita automatic wash and dry toilet means the user can use the toilet without having to be wiped clean by a carer, and is always cleaned to a consistent, high standard. The company’s Aerolet lifter facilitates getting on and off the toilet, again without carer assistance.

Clos-o-Mat claims that its toilet and lifting equipment pays for itself within four months, largely because of savings in the cost of carers’ time.

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