‘Clock is ticking’ on compulsory vaccines for care home staff, NCF warns

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The National Care Forum has warned of “potentially catastrophic challenges for the delivery of care” as the countdown begins to compulsory vaccines as a condition of deployment for care home staff.

After being signed off by the Care Minister, the regulations are expected to come into force on 11 November. CHP broke the news yesterday that the regulations would be introduced by November.

Vic Rayner OBE, CEO of the National Care Forum, (pictured) said: “With the regulations now approved, the countdown to implementation begins. The regulations will come into force on the 11th November, and the delayed impact statement produced by the government earlier this week outlined the potential impact on the care sector across all care homes.

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“The statement itself was limited in detail and we await the full-scale analysis that backs it up. However, even with its summary assessment it is clear that even the lower level assumptions recognise the very significant and potentially catastrophic challenges for the delivery of care if the right level of guidance and support is not available.

“By their own assumption the government have determined that it is likely that 7% of the workforce will not be deployable as a result of this policy. The assessment claims that this is likely to mean that 40,000 staff are unlikely to be able to work in care homes within the next 16 weeks. In addition, the statement identifies an associated cost of £100 million to recruit and train replacement staff.  However, this assumption does not bear any reference to the costs of implementation of the policy itself.

“With less than 16 weeks to go, the sector urgently needs guidance and sufficient resources provided in a timely manner for the sector to prepare for the implementation of this policy.”


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  1. It is with the greatest sadness that after day 1 in my role as manager, thirteen years ago, I met the most caring person who has supported the care home that I manage get an overall outstanding from CQC. She is a staunch Vegan and as a result does not want the vaccine. My moral compass will be sadly affected if she loses her job. I’m terrified of how this will affect her in the future. Maybe a job in the NHS where the vaccine is not essential.

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