CHP Survey: Should CCTV be mandatory in care homes?


Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock last month signalled his backing for the installation of CCTV safety monitoring in care homes.

Mr Hancock added his voice to the growing call for CCTV adoption which has been fuelled by isolated but nevertheless shocking cases of care home abuse and the need for greater provider transparency.

As well as Mr Hancock, high profile backers of the campaign, which is led by Jayne Connery’s Care Campaign for the Vulnerable, include former Attorney General Dominic Grieve and The Daily Express, which has launched its own campaign.

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The emotive issue has divided Parliament, however, with Health and Social Care Minister Caroline Dinenage amongst those opposing mandatory adoption.

With no sign of a move from government on the issue some care home providers have taken the matter into their own hands by installing CCTV, with Orchard Care Homes being among the most notable.

Other care home providers remain fundamentally opposed, however, and recently installed CQC Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care Kate Terroni has said CCTV should be “an exception” in a care setting.

Given the divided opinion, CHP wants to know your views.

You can have you say HERE in our survey that will only take a few minutes to complete.

Note that all responses will be treated anonymously.

Care Home Professional will be revealing the results of the survey in a coming issue of the magazine, when you’ll be able to discover how your views and expectations compare with the wider industry.


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  1. Yes it should it only takes one bad apple to ruin its reputation and we trust our family to these carers so yes cameras should be in every room in a care home not just for abuse but for the safety of these patients too perhaps then things may change and i think the cameras should be checked when no one expecting it from an outside authority and if any camera footage missing the home should be fined and given a warning

  2. Indeed it should, we can only protect our vulnerable people if we can see what is going on. Sadly not all care workers can be trusted. I have been s paid carer and am now a full time carer for my disabled adult daughter. I would have no concerns at all if my employer used cameras, I would also be very happy if cameras were used where my child has respite. Good carers will never be I intimidated by cameras because they will never do or day anything that is inappropriate. So let’s protect our vulnerable people. Let’s have it right the charges for residential care are massive. So let’s make sure the care is good if not exceptional please.

  3. Yes there should be CCTV in all care homes…. auditory surveillance in areas such as bathrooms where cameras can’t, and should not be allowed, too. I have heard, more than once, that people fear reporting someone, especially if it is only suspected, because of either not being believed, or being bullied for being a whistleblower….

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