Chicopee creates dispensing system for specialist cleaning wipes

Chicopee SUDS

Chicopee has developed a dispensing system that allows users to create tailor-made, single-use wet wipes.

The Single Use Dispense System (SUDS) comes with a choice of three different types of dry wipes delivered in a perforated roll. These can be used with cleaning chemicals that users already know and trust for specific tasks.

The three types of wipes available meet the needs of professionals health and care industries.

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Supplied in a portable dispenser bucket with space for labelling, the dry Chicopee wipes provide an alternative to one size fits all wipes already impregnated with standard chemicals and saturation levels.

Chicopee provide guidelines for the amount of liquid needed for each application, taking into account different wipes and chemicals, to ensure accurate chemical dwell time on surfaces and allow cleaning to be completed in one easy step.

Users can also make a note of the chemicals used and the expiration date – key for volatile disinfection solutions that expire more quickly.

In addition, the SUDS system can be operated in conjunction with the user’s existing chemical dispensing system, allowing for simple, effective refilling of the dispenser bucket.

James Taylor, director of product marketing for Chicopee said, “SUS provides the right wipe for the right use and ensures that every level of cleaning – from removing crumbs, to complete disinfection – upholds industry regulations and the required standards.”

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