Chicopee cleans up with tailored wipes for every spill and surface


Chicopee, a specialist in cleaning wipes and materials for commercial catering and healthcare businesses, has developed a dispensing system that allows users to create tailor-made, single-use wet wipes for cleaning up different types of spills on various surfaces.

The portable Single Use Dispense System (SUDS) comes with a choice of three different types of dry wipes delivered in a perforated roll, which can be used with cleaning chemicals tailored to specific tasks.

Chicopee provide guidelines for the amount of liquid needed for each application, taking into account different wipes and chemicals to ensure the right wipe for a safe and effective clean.

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Hiddo Van De Ven, sales director for Chicopee, says the solution is not only more effective, it can also save money. “SUDS helps businesses to combine Chicopee quality and durability with chemicals they know and trust. This not only improves cleaning practices, but often shows a reduction in spend versus traditional pre-impregnated wet wipes.”


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