Century Healthcare teams up with technology specialist Redmoor Health

Jayne Hitchen with Elaine Prance

The lives of elderly residents at care homes in the north-west are being transformed by the latest technology.

VR headsets, Fitbits, iPads and Amazon Alexa are among the technologies being introduced at eight Century Healthcare care homes through a partnership with digital strategy advisor, Redmoor Health.

Century Healthcare operations manager, Angela Killip, said: “Some of our homes have VR headsets and residents can do a virtual space walk or swim under the sea. We have a number of end-of-life patients and if they want to go on a rollercoaster or walk on the beach one last time the VR headsets can recreate that.

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“It’s a learning curve for staff too but after getting involved we started a Facebook page for all of the homes so we can update residents’ families.”

The project, which is being run by social change charity, Good Things Foundation, also includes the introduction of Fitbit technology, which can make taking residents’ blood pressure as easy as wearing a watch.

Redmoor Health founder, Marc Schmid, said: “The 12-month project started in December and we’re looking to improve the health and wellbeing of residents, reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and help people get connected.

“Century Healthcare have been really receptive and we’re supporting them on their digital journey. Different homes are trying different things.”

CAPTION: Century Healthcare staff member Jayne Hitchen with Elaine Prance using a Fitbit


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