CCFTV calls for abuse of elderly to be made a Hate Crime


Care Campaign for the Vulnerable (CCFTV) has called for abuse of the elderly to be made a Hate Crime.

The call from the campaign group marked World Elder Abuse Awareness Day which is held every year on 15 June.

CCFTV founder and director Jayne Connery, said: “Older people suffer the most horrendous of crimes, with levels of cruelty and suffering that are hard to comprehend.

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“Certainly, from a moral perspective, it would be difficult not to perceive that levels of hatred and hostility must be inherent in such actions as an explanation of the motives of the perpetrators.”

CCFTV was among a number of groups that submitted a consultation on hate crime to the Law Commission last year calling for laws to protect older people and those who are unable to protect themselves, often only targeted because of their age and frailty.

“Committing such heinous crimes should bring the full force of the criminal law as in line with the rest of society and on this day we pledge to continue to keep working hard raising awareness for better elderly rights,” Jayne said.

“CCFTV’s purpose in life will always be to speak out for older people. On this World Elder Abuse Day, we call on Government to reflect with real sincerity on the urgency required to address many of these deficits. Older people don’t have the luxury of time, so on this day of all days, renew your commitment to eradicating abuse from the lives of older people by mandating providers to implement the safeguards and systems that CCFTV has been campaigning for over the last five years.”

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