Castleoak designs and builds UK’s first circular care home for Abbeyfield


Abbeyfield Society has taken ownership of its latest home, a 62-bed property in the village of Winnersh near Reading.

Each resident will have their own en-suite together with separate spa-bathrooms, beauty salon, lounges, cinema, shop and beautiful gardens.

The home was developed and built by Castleoak which managed all elements of the project from identifying the optimum site, securing secure planning permission, designing the home, which was pre-fabricated at the company’s in-house timber frame factory, and building and fitting it on site.

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Abbeyfield, a non profit operator with around 80 homes in the UK, will welcome its first residents to Winnersh in July.

In an era of cookie cutter care home design, Abbeyfield Society took a different path with the creation of the UK’s first residence made up of four intersecting circular units.

The theory is that with dementia sufferers often found wandering within a home, the cyclical corridors allow for this without residents ever coming to a definite end point.

Abbeyfield’s head of development, Richard Virr, said: “Dementia care in the UK has never been carried out in this way before and we’re really hoping that Abbeyfield can lead the way in providing a blueprint for the future.”


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  1. Dear team
    This looks like an amazing project, well done for raising the standards.

    As a Health Professional I would be greatly honored if I could organise a to visit your complex with my Sister who is a Dementia Researcher and my Husband who is a local GP in Southampton.

    Many thanks

    Ann Buchanan

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